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Hi this is Chaplain Gary R. Swain Commissioned Corp., Chaplain, MCC, ASW, CMC, CADC/p

Eight years ago I was called to a path that I truly wasn’t prepared to take “Chaplaincy." It meant dealing with hurting people, often in their worst state of mind. Their top burning question was, ‘why did this happen…to me”? I love being a Chaplain but hated hearing those “why” questions. Sometimes there’s not, a good answer to offer. I wanted to be able help them process through their pain and grief. So I decided that I needed a better education. I enrolled into a local college earning a degree in social work, graduating with honors. I am currently finishing pharmacology to become a drug and alcohol counselor. It was through my courses, I learned how the brain processed change and how difficult it was for someone to create lasting change in their lives. That our brain uses our body’s natural chemicals (drugs), to regulate, control our body, and minds each and every day.

In my last year in college, I started researching the work “Dr. Milton Erickson.” Milton often said that people weren’t broke, that what they needed was guidance. Milton is the father of “Positive Physiology”. Since Milton we have learned much about why people react the way they do and how they can control their states of mind. Through this I discovered the field of Life Coaching helping people affect change in their lives through Positive Physiology, (NLP) Nero Linguistic Programming and (EBT) Emotion based training. I through the last two years I have studied “Dr. Marylyn Atkinson”, impressive work in Science of Life Coaching, the work of Anthony Robbins. Finally I attended classes with, Joeel & Natalie Rivera of Transformation University earning my “Master Life Coach Certification”. Add to that list Grief\Share, and Celebrate Recovery, Facilitator and you can easily see how I have devoted my last 8 years to helping people affect permanent change in their lives.

With these tools in hand, we can teach almost anyone how to run their life and minds creating lasting states of happiness, satisfaction and success. Join us for one or all of our workshops. Call or email Now! Chaplain Gary R. Swain, Comm., MCC, CMC, AWS,CADC/p CChap. 856-305-5200 email Gswain@SGECOACH.com

Hi this is Joseph Callavini, CC

I have been training employees for over 30 years. I have dedicated my life to find the best way to train adults so they can retain the materials, and then apply what they have learned.

I love building specialized training programs that meet a company's specific needs. No topic is too difficult nor employee too hard to train. We can get the job done!

Call or email Now! Joseph Callavini 856-305-5200 email Gswain@SGECOACH.com